Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blue Shades City - The Moroccan city of Blue Shefshauen

Incredible shades of blue can be seen in the Moroccan city of Shefshauen - one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

More recently Shefshauen was a city from which Kufarev - incorrect, should stay away. Until 1920 it was visited only three Europeans. Two of them died a few hours after the start of the visit, and the third, English writer and traveler, Walter Harris, fled.

For many years Shefshauen considered for the Muslims holy city, and could not be defiled by the presence of infidels. The city was founded in the XV century, Moulay Rachid, a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed.

With its 43 thousand inhabitants Shefshauen me is a provincial town, but the first impression is erroneous. City, hidden between two arrays of Al Reef has a unique character and flavor. Checkerboard pattern of white and blue flowers, which are full of houses, makes an indelible impression.

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