Thursday, March 17, 2011

World's most expensive dog at $1.5m

World's most expensive dog at $1.5m

What is your ultimate status symbol? An expensive car, a duplex apartment or bungalow? Maybe even expensive jewellery and designer clothes. But apparently, that is not so in China.
We hear that an ancient breed of dog is the highest status symbol for rich Chinese.

London's Daily Telegraph yesterday reported of an 11-month-old Tibetan mastiff male puppy that has gained the title of the world's most expensive dog!

'Big Splash' was bought for 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) by a wealthy Chinese coal baron.

DID YOU KNOW? Genghis Khan is believed to have had kept Tibetan Mastiffs as pets too.

According to a Tibetan Mastiff breeder, Kathryn Hay, the dogs are a very untouched, unspoilt breed. "They can be great pets but you have to be a strong owner because they're not overly domesticated," she says. The interesting thing about this breed is that even though their size is substantial, they don't eat too much. Traditionally used as guard dogs, that trait is still seen today, but they are also fond of lazing around.

Makes you wonder about the value of money, doesn't it? What are your thoughts? If you had the money to spend, would you keep a $1.5 million dog for a pet?

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