Saturday, January 22, 2011

Suzuki GSR 600 Jorge Yabusame

The Suzuki GSR600 is a 599 cc 16v in-line four motorcycle that was introduced in 2006 as a middleweight street-bike built with the 2005 GSXR-600 engine. The engine is re-tuned for more usable mid range power as well as higher torque, making it an easy beginner bike as well as a practical commuter bike. Its Fully adjustable rear suspension (rebound and compression) and radical street fighter-styling makes it a novelty amongst its class. This bike is a popular choice for its upright and wide seating position, and as well as its under seat exhaust. This, plus an array of other features, including a gear-position display and wide dashboard, makes it very popular in Europe as well as Asian motorcyclists. Although given a ‘sporty’ design, the motorcycle is capable of handling sport-riding, city commuting as well as touring. A variety of aftermarket options have been marketed in Europe and Japan to allow owners to convert the motorcycle into various ‘modes’, such as aftermarket exhausts systems for sport-riding, pannier / topcase luggage systems for touring and daily commuting.

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